Public Safety — Oct. 7 2020

The OCSO Orion Twp. Substation responded

to 431 calls from Sept. 28 – Oct. 4 , 2020

• Felony Arrests: 1

• Misdemeanor Arrests: 4

• Traffic Accidents: 25

Smash & grab: window & purse

Deputies were dispatched to the 3800 block of Klais at 9:48 a.m. Sept. 29 for a larceny report after a 57-year-old woman reported that she parked her vehicle in her driveway on Sunday Sept. 28.

Upon returning to her vehicle on Sept. 29 she noticed that the driver side window was smashed out and her purse was missing.

Police have no suspects at this time, but collected evidence. The incident is under investigation.

Teen extorted through Facebook

A teen and his father met with deputies at the Orion Twp. Substation at 12:44 p.m. Sept. 29 after the teen was blackmailed through Facebook.

The teen was contacted on Facebook by an unknown person who befriended the victim over a period of time and requested photos of the victim.

Once “she” received the pictures, she told him that he needed to send $200 to her through Western Union or she will send the photos to his friends and family.

All information was collected and the incident is under investigation.

Woman gets fraudulent DTE call — contact them yourself before paying

Deputies responded for a fraud complaint at 12:50 p.m. Sept. 29 after a 63-year-old woman reported that she was contacted by phone and the unknown person identified themselves as a DTE employee.

The suspect demanded payment or the victim’s power would be shut off at her home on the 2600 block of Orbit Drive.

She was given instructions on how to wire the money and wired approximately $1,600 to an unknown location.

The woman then contacted DTE and was told this was a scam.

All information was collected and the incident is under investigation.

Must be a recreational thief

A 53-year-old victim reported parking a trailer at a rented site on the 3700 block of Rolling Hills Drive on Sept. 26, but upon returning to the vehicle on Sept. 29 the victim noticed the trailer plate was missing.

There was no damage to the trailer and all evidence was collected.

The incident is under investigation.

Oh, bummer dude – stolen would have been better than destroyed

A 31-year-old resident on the 100 block of Ontario reported that the passenger side rear window of his vehicle was broken, and marijuana plants inside were destroyed.

The victim reported the damage occurred sometime between 6 p.m. Sept. 29 and 1 p.m. Sept. 30.

Deputies responded at 2:37 p.m. Sept. 30, photographed the damage and are awaiting a total estimate from the victim. This incident is under investigation.

This guy wants a lot of power…he should run for office

Deputies were dispatched to the 2600 block of Lapeer Home Depot store at 3:14 p.m. Sept. 30 after a guy took more wattage than he could handle.

Upon speaking with loss prevention, it was determined that a man entered the store and selected several power tools, concealed the items and then exited the store, making no attempt to pay for the items.

The man got into a vehicle and attempted to leave when stopped by deputies, who were able to locate all the stolen merchandise. The suspect, a 56-year-old resident of Pontiac, was arrested for Retail Fraud 1st Degree.

A check of his record revealed he had 12 prior Retail Fraud 1st Degree convictions and 12 Retail Fraud 2nd Degree convictions. He was arrested on the charge of Retail Fraud 1st Degree and lodged at the Oakland County Jail.

The Oakland County Prosecutors’ Office authorized a warrant for the charge of Retail Fraud 1st Degree. The man was arraigned by a magistrate at the 52nd – 3rd District Court and given a $10,000 cash/surety bond.

Truck bed isn’t a place to crash

Deputies responded to a 911 call in the 1000 block of Golfview Drive at 2:42 a.m. Oct. 1 for an Assault and Battery that just occurred.

Upon arriving, deputies detained a man found in the resident’s vehicle. The victim, a 55-year-old man, returned home from work to discover a suspect exiting the bed of his truck.

When confronted, the 46-year-old suspect assaulted the victim by pushing and punching him. Based upon the victim’s statements and the evidence, the suspect was arrested for Assault and Battery.

Due to his mental state, the suspect was transported to the hospital for an evaluation and provided a summons and court date for assault and battery.

These guys should not be roommates

Deputies responded to a 911 call in the 1400 block of Miller Road at 8:07 p.m. Oct. 2 for a domestic assault when one man assaulted another over a cell phone.

A 31-year-old man was arguing with his 29-year-old male roommate over a cellphone. The argument escalated when the 31-year-old suspect physically assaulted the 29-year-old victim.

The victim sustained minor injuries but declined medical attention. The suspect had been arrested on Sept. 20 for Domestic Violence on the same victim, after breaking the victim’s jaw.

As part of his bond conditions, the suspect was not to return to the residence, nor have contact with the victim.

The suspect was arrested again for domestic violence and Violation of his bond conditions. He was subsequently lodged at the Oakland County Jail pending prosecutor review.

The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office authorized a warrant for domestic violence. The man was arraigned in front of Magistrate Marshall of 52nd – 1st District Court and given a $2,500 bond, with 10 percent surety.

That’s why you get insurance on your packages

Deputies responded to the Federal Express, 1601 Brown Rd., at 7:50 p.m. Oct. 2 for an Embezzlement complaint.

A manager reported that one of the employees had opened a package and stole a pair of sunglasses worth $1,000. The investigation revealed the employee, a 23-year-old resident of Orion, stole the glasses and gave them to another employee.

Deputies recovered the glasses from the other employee, a 20-year-old resident of Pontiac. Both suspects were cooperative with the investigation and were released at the scene.

A warrant request for Embezzlement was forwarded to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

The LOPD responded to

90 calls from Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, 2020

• Felony Arrests: 0

• Misdemeanor Arrests: 1

• Traffic Accidents: 0

Police pounce on prowler

Lake Orion police were dispatched Sunday night and again on Monday, Sept. 28 at 5:53 a.m. for a possible prowler in the Converse Court and S. Broadway Street area.

Police investigated and found a possible suspect at a local business on S. Broadway St. The suspect, a 47-year-old man from Deckerville, was arrested and given a court date for disorderly conduct.

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