Public Safety

The OCSO Orion substation responded
to 316 calls from April 29-May 5, 2019
• Felony Arrests: 1
• Misdemeanor Arrests: 3
• Accidents: 17

Glovebox money grabber caught
Authorities have nabbed the suspect in the glovebox theft at Milosch Palace Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, 3800 S. Lapeer Rd., that occurred April 27. The suspect admitted to stealing $4,500 from the glovebox of the vehicle.
Detectives have recovered $3,400 of the money, and it was returned to the victim.
The case started when a Clarkston man, 18, came into the substation to report he was the victim of a larceny at the dealership where he works as a porter.
The man parked and locked his vehicle at 10 a.m. April 27 in the employee parking lot, with $4,500 in the glove compartment. He unlocked his vehicle about 11:30 a.m. when he brought the vehicle inside the carwash area for detailing.
At approximately 12:30 p.m., after the car wash, he parked the vehicle in the same parking area and locked his car, placing his keys in the used car office, which is accessible to all other employees.
The man noticed the money was missing at 6 p.m.
The case remains open pending charges.

Super drunk woman swerves to jail
Deputies responded to Baldwin near Waldon Road the evening of April 30 after a “Be on the Lookout” (BOL) was issued for a “vehicle all over the road.”
At 6:07 p.m., deputies located a vehicle on Kimberly, south of Heights Road, and recognized it as the responsible one of a hit-and-run from earlier that day.
When deputies stopped the vehicle, the driver, a Lake Orion woman, 59, smelled of intoxicating beverages, had watery eyes and slurred speech.
The suspect was unable to complete sobriety tests as instructed. The woman was given a PBT (preliminary breath test), which registered .305 BAC (blood alcohol content).
The woman was placed under arrest and transported to the hospital for a blood draw. She was then lodged at the Oakland County Jail pending blood analysis for OWI (operating while intoxicated).
The traffic accident report was updated to include the intoxicated driver as the one responsible for an earlier property damage report.

Catalytic converter, where’d it go?
Deputies responded to the 3200 block of Baldwin Woods Drive at 3:44 p.m. May 1 for a report of a larceny.
An Orion Twp. man, 82, reported that when he had started his vehicle in the driveway, it sounded like his muffler fell off. The man checked under his vehicle and realized that his catalytic converter was cut off and missing.
The man reported the value of the missing part at $1,500.
The theft is under investigation.

Catalytic converter thieves cut and run, but the man’s car doesn’t
It was learned that a second catalytic converter theft occurred west of Baldwin Road between Maybee and Waldon roads after deputies responded to the 3300 block of Ash Drive at 11:42 p.m. May 2 for a larceny call.
An Orion Twp. man, 23, said he believed his vehicle sounded loud on May 1. It seemed to be running fine when he parked it about 9 p.m. April 30.
Thinking it might be low on oil, he drove his girlfriend’s truck to work. When he began trouble-shooting the noise problem May 2, he discovered the catalytic converter was cut out. He estimated its value at $1,500.
Deputies were able to locate a Sawzall blade at the scene and the cut to the pipe was consistent to being from a Sawzall.
The crime scene was processed and evidence collected.

Excuse me, you didn’t pay for that
Deputies responded to the Speedway gas station, 1030 Lapeer Rd., at 10:30 p.m. May 4 for an intoxicated disorderly person after dispatch advised of an intoxicated man in the store consuming food he did not pay for.
When deputies arrived, they observed the suspect carrying a case of beer that he did not pay for. The man ran and dropped the beer when he saw patrol units approaching.
Deputies caught up to the suspect in the parking lot of Firehouse Subs.
The Orion Twp. man, 37, registered a PBT with .28 BAC.
The man was cited for disorderly person for being intoxicated in public, and theft.

Man talks himself into arrest
Deputies responded to Baldwin Commons, 4820 Baldwin Rd., at 11:55 a.m. May 5 for a suspicious person/welfare check on a man yelling and talking to himself.
Deputies located the homeless man, 56, and discovered he had a warrant out of Muskegon’s 60th District Court in Michigan for failure to pay (defrauding) an innkeeper.
The man was placed under arrest and transported to the Oakland County Jail on Muskegon’s court warrant.

Sign on snowblower didn’t say ‘free’
Deputies responded to the 200 block of Morgan Hill Drive at 7:04 p.m. May 5 for a larceny report.
The resident there reported that she placed her Toro 1800 Power Curve snowblower for sale at the end of her driveway next to the street. She discovered the snowblower missing between 3 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
This incident is under investigation.

The Lake Orion Police Dept. responded to
116 calls from April 29 – May 5, 2019
• Felony Arrests: 0
• Misdemeanor Arrests: 0
• Accidents: 4

Mom’s suspicion was correct
Lake Orion police were called at 12:45 a.m. May 2 by the owner of a vehicle that was not in the driveway where it should be. The owner believed a friend of her son may have taken the vehicle without asking permission.
The responding officer was able to contact the 17-year-old Lake Orion youth, who admitted to having the vehicle and returned it.
The caller was satisfied to resolve the matter with the young man.

90-year-old man talked into giving money to man he has never met
Lake Orion police were called at 3:11 p.m. May 3 by a man who was appointed POA (power of attorney) for a 90-year-old man and was assisting him with his Medicare enrollment. During the process, the POA discovered a very large, recent money withdrawal from the man’s bank account.
The investigating officer interviewed the man, who admitted withdrawing the cash and sending it to an unknown man who he has never met, who asked for help.
The man told police he would call the victim and ask for the money. Lake Orion police are investigating.

Resident removes floating logs
A Lake Orion resident reported finding two large logs floating in Lake Orion at 12:43 p.m. May 4 and was concerned for other boaters as a navigation hazard.
The caller found a safe method of removing them from the open water.
NOTICE: All boaters should navigate the lake with caution after the ice melts. Items left on and frozen in the ice will often become navigation hazards by floating just under the water surface and can be barely visible. Most lake debris is removed by thoughtful lake users before the summer season begins, but hazards may still exist.

Police will find responsible juveniles
Lake Orion police were called by contractors to a commercial building under construction in downtown Lake Orion at 7:15 p.m. May 5.
Security cameras captured what appears to be 3-4 juveniles who forced their way into a secured construction area, broke into a secured door and committed considerable damage to construction equipment using spray paint, fire extinguishers and other items. Some building materials that were secured on-site were also damaged.
Anyone who has information on the crime or the identity of the persons involved are asked to call LOPD at 248-693-8323 and ask to speak to Lt. Harold Rossman.

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