Public Safety

The OCSO Orion substation responded

to 399 calls from Dec. 16-22, 2019

• Felony Arrests: 2

• Misdemeanor Arrests: 4

• Accidents: 23

Man follows, harasses girlfriend, then damages a police vehicle

A motorist called 911 at 5:48 p.m. Dec. 16 to report she was being followed by her ex-boyfriend and that he has been drinking and harassing her.

Deputies located the vehicles traveling westbound on Clarkston Road approaching Joslyn Road. While deputies followed the vehicles, they turned into the parking lot of the Orion Twp. Substation.

Deputies spoke with the male driver and determined that he had been drinking. They saw an open liquor bottle on the passenger side floor and noticed the driver’s face was flush with bloodshot, watery eyes.

As Deputies spoke to him, they observed signs that the man was under the influence. He was also aggressive and verbally abusive.

A PBT (preliminary breath test) was offered to the driver, which he refused. The Redford Twp. man, 32, was placed under arrest for OWI (operating while intoxicated).

When he was placed in the backseat of the patrol vehicle, he continually kicked the rear door causing damage to the patrol vehicle while he was being transported to McLaren Hospital.

Once at the hospital, deputies obtained a search warrant for the man’s blood. He was then transported to Oakland County Jail.

A warrant was authorized and signed by 52-3 District Court Magistrate Karen Holt on a charge of Felony-Malicious Destruction of Police Property.

Ryan Cristman was arraigned on the charge and given a $10,000 bond with no 10-percent cash surety.

The OUIL (operating under the influence of intoxicating liquor) charge is pending blood results.

Teenagers buy vaping THC oils on the street, causing hallucinations

The sheriff’s Operation Center received a call from a girl at 8:12 p.m. Dec. 17 who said she was not feeling well and believed that she maybe hallucinating.

Deputies responded to the 900 block of Clarkston Road to check her welfare.

When deputies arrived, they discovered three teenagers had purchased vaping THC oils from a source on the street, the use of which made them ill.

Star EMS was contacted to treat the girl who called authorities. She was transported by Star EMS to the hospital for further treatment.

Interviews were conducted, evidence was secured, and photos were taken.

All minors were turned over to their parents. The investigation continues.

Twp. man arrested after assaulting a woman; three previous assaults on his record bumped up the charges

Deputies responded to a 911 call in the 30 block of Cardinal Hill Drive at 11:44 p.m. Dec. 17 for a domestic assault report.

An Orion Twp. man, 63, was assaulting his roommate, 53, because she took his property. The victim then went outside to wait for deputies.

Based upon the victim’s statements and the physical evidence, the man was placed under arrest for domestic assault and lodged at the Oakland County Jail pending prosecutor’s review of the case.

It turned out the man had three prior assaultive charges. The prosecutor’s office enhanced the current domestic violence charge to domestic violence 3rd degree (an intentional act that causes a “fear of imminent” bodily harm or offensive touching), which is a felony.

The warrant for Joseph Frank Bruette was sworn to in front of Magistrate Karen Holt at 52-3 District Court.

Bruette was arraigned on the charge and given a $10,000 bond, with no 10-percent cash surety, and forbidden to have contact with the victim as conditions of the bond.

Kohl’s is an all-too-often spot for attempted shoplifting

Deputies were dispatched to Kohl’s, 4872 S. Baldwin Rd., at 8:05 p.m. Dec. 19 for a retail fraud complaint. Two female suspects were in custody.

The Flint women, both 19, entered Kohl’s and proceeded to various areas of the store selecting several clothing items. They concealed the property in their purses and exited the store, passing all points of purchase, making no attempt to pay for the items.

A total of $289 worth of stolen merchandise was recovered.

Both suspects were issued tickets and released.

There is no direct left turn onto Clarkston Road from M-24

A deputy on routine patrol at 7:23 p.m. Dec. 20 observed a vehicle make an illegal left turn on Lapeer Road (M-24) at Clarkston Road.

When the deputy conducted a traffic stop, they could smell alcohol on the Waterford Twp. driver’s breath. The woman, 67, had bloodshot eyes and was unable to complete sobriety tests as instructed. The woman submitted a PBT registering .18 BAC (blood alcohol content), more than twice the legal limit.

The woman was placed under arrest for OWI and transported to McLaren Hospital for a blood draw.

She was then lodged at the Oakland County Jail pending blood analysis.

Woman hears sound of breaking glass

Deputies were dispatched to the 3000 block of Poplar Road at 2:04 a.m. Dec. 21 for a MDOP (malicious destruction of property) to a vehicle report.

An Orion Twp. woman, 39, reported that she heard glass breaking from the parking lot area. When she looked out the window of her home, she noticed a vehicle with the windshield broken out and two vehicles leaving the parking lot.

Deputies checked the area for suspects. All evidence and photographs collected were turned over to the detective bureau. It is believed the damage was intentional.

The suspects are unknown at this time, but the investigation continues.


The Lake Orion Police Department (LOPD)

responded to 100 calls from Dec. 16-22, 2019

• Felony Arrests: 0

• Misdemeanor Arrests: 1

• Accidents: 2

Man gets picked up for a prior warrant during traffic stop

A Lake Orion police sergeant on patrol made a traffic stop on S. Broadway St. (M-24) near Park Island at 6:48 p.m. Dec. 18.

It was discovered the driver, an Oxford man, 37, had a warrant for his arrest.

The police agency holding the warrant was advised.

Beware of ‘Porch Pirates’: man’s intentions are unclear

Lake Orion Acting Police Chief Harold Rossman responded to a reported possible “porch pirate” theft on Washington Street at 8:43 p.m. Dec. 22, approximately 7-10 minutes after the incident occurred.

The resident, while not home at the time, had observed on their Ring doorbell video, a white van in front of their home.

A heavyset black male approached the home empty-handed, limping along the way. The man was wearing an orange vest. He picked up a package already on the porch, looked at it and set it down.

The man then walked away, turned around and took a picture of the front door.

Police searched the area but were unable to locate the van or the man.

The incident is under investigation.


The Lake Orion Police Department (LOPD)

responded to 116 calls from Dec. 23-29, 2019

• Felony Arrests: 0

• Misdemeanor Arrests: 3

• Accidents: 3

Family fight leads to warrant discovery

A Lake Orion officer was dispatched at 12:50 a.m. Dec. 23 to a family fight at a residence on S. Broadway Street near Atwater Street.

The responding officer found that it was a verbal fight only, nothing physical.

It was also discovered that three of the individuals had warrants out for their arrests.

A White Lake woman, 43, had a misdemeanor warrant for Probation Violation out of White Lake Twp. They took custody of the woman.

A Lake Orion man, 63, had a misdemeanor warrant out of the 50th District Court. The Oakland County Sheriff Office was advised.

Another White Lake woman, 37, has a civil warrant out of the 6th Circuit Court. The Oakland County Sheriff Office was advised.

Sibling disagreement leads to injury

Lake Orion police were dispatched to a Newton Drive residence at 3:51 a.m. Dec. 24 for a domestic call.

A brother and sister having an argument led to locking each other out of the home. The Lake Orion brother, 31, punched a window, injuring his sister. He left the scene before the officer arrived.

The sister received medical care on scene.

The report was forwarded to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office seeking charges.

Anyone lose their dental plate?

A citizen found a partial dental plate near Broadway Grill on S. Broadway at 3:03 p.m. Dec. 24 and turned it over to the LO police.

Bicycle hit by vehicle on Xmas day

Lake Orion Police were dispatched to an injury accident between a bicycle and car on Dec. 25.

A Lake Orion man, 21, riding his bicycle southbound on N. Broadway Street, couldn’t stop in time for the red light and struck a westbound Flint Street vehicle, driven by an Auburn Hills man, 63, which had a green light.

The bicyclist refused medical attention; he was cited in the crash.

No injuries reported in rear end crash

Lake Orion police responded to an accident on S. Broadway Street, south of Atwater, at 5:43 p.m. Dec. 27.

A vehicle driven by a Oxford woman, 23, rear ended a vehicle driven by a Lake Orion woman, 31. No injuries were reported.

The Oxford driver was cited in the crash.

Officer hears crash before seeing it

A Lake Orion police officer on patrol heard a crash sound near S. Broadway Street and M-24 at 12:07 a.m. Dec. 28.

The officer found the vehicle in the AutoZone parking lot. The Macomb Twp. driver, 23, told the officer he was traveling 45 mph in a 35 mph zone and ran off the road right, striking the curb.

The man was cited in the crash.

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