Public Notice Orion Township

Called meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.
All Members present.
Invocation, Chaplin Goddard, Oakland County Sheriff Department.
All rose for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Recognition was given in honor of Oakland County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Randy Leppek and Milt Williams.
Supervisor Barnett delivered Police Protection Week & Peace Officers’ Memorial Day Proclamations.
Held Public Hearing Orion Township Corridor Improvement Authority Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan.
Approved payment of bills in the amount of $998,665.86, and payrolls of $104,379.59. Total disbursement of funds of $1,103,045.42.
Approved Agenda, as amended.
Approved Consent Agenda, as presented.
Approved Minutes, Regular Meeting, Monday, May 2, 2016, as presented.
Approved Minutes, Joint Meeting: Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals/Board of Trustees, Thursday, April 28, 2016, as presented.
Approved Request to Pay Water/Sewer Debt over Time for property located at 2740 W. Clarkston Road.
Approved Tuition Reimbursement Request for Tandem Graves, at a cost not to exceed $5,000 annually.
Approved the purchase of Orion Center Exercise Equipment for $13,410.62.
Approved the Orion Center Exercise Equipment Use Policy, as presented.
Approved Orion Center Kitchen Storage equipment purchase as presented.
Approved the Temporary Sign Permit Fee Waiver Request: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, and reduced the annual permit fee to $25.00.
Approved the Temporary Sign Permit Fee Waiver Request: Friends of the Orion Township Public Library, and reduced the annual permit fee to $25.00.
Approved Matt McCallum request to Sell Concessions for Kona Ice.
Approved Peddlers/Solicitors License Application: Matt McCallum, Kona Ice.
Approved Peddlers/Solicitors License Application: Jake Ciaramella, Real Estate Services
Approved Peddlers/Solicitors License Application: Gordon DeClercq, Real Estate Services
Received and filed MMRMA Quarterly Report – First Quarter 2016, as presented.
Authorized Advertising for Temporary Employees for the Building and Clerk Department.
Approved promoting Paid-On-Call Firefighter Brendan MacDonald to Full Time Status.
Authorized the Fire Chief to begin the process to promote two Paid-On-Call Firefighters to Full Time Status.
Received and filed Notice of Solicitation: Lake Orion Lions Club White Cane Collection
Approved the Application to Sell Concessions: O’Havers Flavors.
Approved the Alcohol Use Permit Application: Wildwood Dragon Fest.
Declared Second Reading held for Amendment to Ord. 20 – Voorheis Lake and adopted the amendment, as presented.
Accepted the 2015 Audit Presentation, as presented and authorize filing the Audit and Management Letter with the local audit division of the Michigan Department of Treasury.
Approved hiring Plante & Moran for audit services for 2016 at $40,300 and 2017 at $41,100.
Reviewed Authorization for Expenditures Approved by Resolution.
Removed Disposal of Equipment, Property and Assets Policy from the agenda.
Discussed Cash Handling Policy.
Adopted Resolution Approving Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan for Charter Township of Orion Improvement Authority.
Adopted the 2016/2017 Water Rates resolution.
Adopted the 2016/2017 Sewer Rates resolution.
Discussed Tri-Party road funding projects and received and filed reports, as presented.
Approved forwarding proposed Text Amendment to Zoning Ordinance #78, Performance Guarantees as drafted to the Planning Commission for review, input, and to conduct a public hearing at a cost not to
exceed $1,000.
Formed ad-hoc committee to review Peddlers/Solicitors License Application process and approval and report to the Board at a future meeting.
Additional dates will be sent to the Board for consideration to schedule a budget work session.
Authorized the Supervisor to sign the Police Services Agreement on behalf of the Township.
Authorized the Supervisor to relist the Fernhurst Property.
Did not receive and file the Village Water Distribution System Update
Received and file the verbal Orion Center Update, as presented.
Held Closed Executive Session to discuss pending litigation.
Authorized Attorney to proceed as discussed in Closed Executive Session regarding pending litigation.
Meeting adjourned at 1:01 a.m. Penny S. Shults, Clerk
Publish: 5/18/2016 Chris Barnett, Supervisor

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