Please act with compassion

I’ve been a Lake Orion resident for 15 years. I first saw Bruce back in 2014, sitting alone, across from the entrance to Christie’s. Flash forward to this year, and I saw him again, but in a different way. In early August, I went up to him to introduce myself, bringing some water, and also some prayer cards with me.

Our talk was short; I told him who I was, gave him the items, chatted a bit and then said my goodbyes. It was a brief meeting, but a powerful one. Bruce was such a kind man, who touched me with his humility and friendliness.

As a Christian, I believe I am called to act with compassion, and to do my best to make decisions with that compassion in mind. That being said, all I ask in this letter is that decisions are made with compassion in mind.

Now, I am not a politician, nor a community leader. I’m not here to be condescending, or to or upset anyone. This is ultimately the decision of the Lake Orion Village Council, and I fully respect and honor all council members. I just request that in this process, we remember to think and act with compassion.

Thank you for your time.

Ethan Carino

Lake Orion


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