Orion Twp. Adoption of Ordinance 78-290

Orion Twp. Adoption of Ordinance 78-290




The Charter Township of Orion Board of Trustees, at the regular meeting of Tuesday, July 5,
2022, held at 7:00 p.m., at the Orion Township Municipal Complex Board Room, 2323 Joslyn
Rd., Lake Orion, Michigan 48360, adopted an ordinance amending the Zoning Ordinance No.
78, Article XIX for the Charter Township of Orion, Michigan; providing for repeal of conflicting
ordinances and portions thereof; and providing an effective date.
SECTION 1 of Ordinance

Pursuant to the provisions of the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, pursuant to all applicable provisions
of law, Article XIX is amended by adding the herein after language in the Article as follows:

* * *
ARTICLE XIX – Industrial Complex (IC)
Section 19.00 – Preamble
The Industrial Complex (IC) District is intended to provide a location for a large-scale manufacturing or assembly
use. It is intended that uses in this District shall have these general requirements:
A. The need for an extensive amount of contiguous land area.
B. Direct service by railroad lines and a network of major thoroughfares.
C. Its own power generating plant and industrial waste treatment system.
Section 19.01 – Use Matrix
Uses Permitted by Right shall be permitted subject to the standards and requirements set forth herein. Special Uses
shall be permitted subject to the standards and requirements set forth herein and subject to the standards and
approval requirements as provided for in Section 30.02. Accessory Uses shall be permitted subject to the standards
and requirements set forth herein and in Section 27.02. The Planning Commission may allow uses of a similar
nature to those listed below, in accordance with Section 27.02E, provided that such uses will not create adverse
impacts to surrounding uses.


P = Permitted by Right S = Special Use


Industrial, Research, and Technology Uses
Manufacturing, Assembly
A manufacturing or assembly plant of at least two million (2,000,000) square feet under
one roof. S
A series of interconnected manufacturing and/or assembly plants on one site and under
one ownership and having at least two million (2,000,000) square feet of total floor


Indoor Recreation Use
Entertainment, Amusement and Recreational Uses
Indoor recreation facilities (such as batting cages, dance studios, cheerleading,
gymnastics, indoor courts and fields [football, soccer, tennis, basketball], driving ranges,
archery, skating rinks, hockey, and other indoor recreation facilities)



Accessory Special Land Use
Shipping and receiving buildings S
Power generating plant S
Industrial waste treatment facility S
Storage areas for equipment, vehicles, and materials used by the permitted principal use S
Offices for the use of and related to the permitted principal use S
Outdoor storage per Section 27.19 S

* * *
Section 19.03 – Required Conditions
* * *

B. Minimum and Maximum Parcel Size.
1. The minimum parcel size shall be four hundred (400) acres.
C. OffStreet Parking.
1. Parking requirements shall be based upon the following schedule:
a. One (1) parking space per one thousand (1000) square feet of gross floor area or one (1) space per
employee whichever is greater for uses within the IC zoning district.
b. Fifty (50) visitor parking spaces shall also be provided for parcels larger than twenty-five (25) acres.

* * *

4. All offstreet parking shall conform to the standards set forth in Section 27.04 (A)(1), (A)(2), and (A)(3)a &
b of this Ordinance.

* * *

D. Landscaping.

* * *

2. A landscaped screen, at least fifty (50) feet in width, shall be provided along the entire perimeter of an IC
District use, except where ingress and egress drives are located. Internal roads are permitted to be located
within the landscape screen buffer.

* * *

5. The landscaped greenbelt required along with the perimeter of the parcel may be reduced in width or
waived by the Planning Commission when the parcel abuts commercial/office or industrially zoned
property and when existing off-street parking, drives and/or structures are located within the setback area.
The Planning Commission may, at their discretion, modify or waive certain landscaping requirements if
provided evidence that the proposed landscape plans meet the intent of the landscaping provision as
described in the considerations outlined in Section 27.05.
6. Properties in the IC District are not required to obtain a Tree Removal Permit and not subject to the
requirements of Sec 27.12.
7. Parking areas should contain landscape areas to provide opportunities for rain gardens and stormwater
runoff detention. The Planning Commission may, at their discretion, waive the requirements for landscaped
islands based on evidence provided by the applicant that such landscaping would not provide significant
stormwater detention benefits.

* * *

J. Loading and Unloading.

* * *

4. The Planning Commission may, at their discretion, modify or waive certain loading requirements if
provided evidence that the loading requirements in Section 27.04 do not reflect industry requirements and

* * *

M. Safety Paths. Construction of safety paths for pedestrian use and use by non-motorized vehicles shall be
required in conjunction with the development of all parcels in this zoning district. The safety paths shall
conform to the specifications outlined in Section 27.06 and Ordinance No. 97. The Planning Commission may,
at their discretion, modify or waive the requirements for safety paths, based on evidence provided by the
applicant that indicates that another standard would be more reasonable.
N. Tree Preservation Regulations. The tree permit requirements do not apply to developments in this District.

* * *

Section 19.04 – Area and Bulk Requirements (Applies to Principal and Accessory
Please see the Matrix Chart in Section 19.01 for variations to these requirements by use.


Front Yard Setback 100 ft.
Rear Yard Setback 100 ft.
Side Yard Setback 100 ft. on each side
Minimum Parcel Area 400 acres
Maximum Parcel Area 500 acres
Maximum Heights of All Structures

120 ft. subject to
additional state and/or
federal permits

Minimum Clear Space Around Structures

50 ft. subject to review
and approval by the
Fire Marshall

* * *

SECTION 2 of Ordinance

All other ordinances or parts of ordinances which are inconsistent or in conflict herewith are
hereby repealed to the extent of such inconsistency or conflict.
SECTION 3 of Ordinance

The various parts, sections and clauses of this Ordinance are declared to be severable. If any part,
sentence, paragraph, section or clause is adjudged unconstitutional or invalid by a court of
competent jurisdiction, the remainder of the Ordinance shall not be affected.

SECTION 4 of Ordinance

This Ordinance shall be published in full in a newspaper of general circulation in the Charter
Township of Orion, qualified under State law to publish legal notices, and shall become effective
upon publication, as provided by law.

SECTION 5 of Ordinance

This Ordinance is hereby declared to have been adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Charter
Township of Orion at a meeting thereof duly called and held on the 5 th day of July 2022 and
ordered to be given publication in the manner prescribed by the Charter of the Township of
Complete copies of the Ordinance can be viewed on the Township’s website,
www.oriontownship.org and also are on file in the office of the Township Clerk, 2323 Joslyn
Road, Lake Orion, Michigan, 48360, where they may be examined during normal business
hours, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Penny S. Shults, Clerk
Charter Township of Orion


Publish: 07.13.22

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