Orion Oaks Elem. celebrates Reader’s Week, PTO Incentive Assembly with zany fun

Orion Oaks Elem. celebrates Reader’s Week, PTO Incentive Assembly with zany fun

By Susan Carroll

Review Writer

Drew Towlerton, principal of Orion Oaks elementary school, started Monday morning on top of the roof of the school, greeting the students as he read to them.

November 6-10 is National Young Readers Week, an annual event held during the second week of November to help raise reading awareness among students.

School principals are asked to participate by choosing one day during the week to read out loud to the kids, from the first bell to the last bell.

Throughout the day, Towlerton read to the students in the gym, in the classrooms, on the playground, in the lunchroom and ended his day reading to the students from a school bus.

The Orion Oaks PTO held a successful color fun run in October, which resulted in collecting $13,546 and earned the students a Monday morning incentive assembly.

“The money comes right back into the school for things like field trips and supplies,” said PTO president Jen Modzelewski. “We haven’t yet decided on what to do with it.”

The students were given an incentive to collect donations. For those students who collected $50 in donations, they were able to participate in duct taping Matthew Luhmann, P.E. teacher, to the wall.

A whopping 159 students met that challenge and were given a piece of tape, about 5 feet long, to help stick Luhmann to the wall.

For the students who collected $100, they were given a chance to take the hair-cutting shears to third grade teacher Daniel Martin’s head.

Thirty Orion Oaks students had the chance to place those shears on Martin’s head and watch his blonde hair fall to the ground as he grinned and repeatedly said, “that was a good one.”

The final challenge was for a chance to throw a pie in Principal Towlerton’s face. The kids roared with laughter as he stoically took 11 pies to the face.