Orion Area Youth Assistance seeks nominations for Youth Awards

The Orion Area Youth Assistance (OAYA) seeks nominations for their 26th annual Youth Recognition Awards Ceremony.

The awards ceremony begins at 6 p.m. May 16 in the Lake Orion High School Performing Arts Center. All nominations must be received by March 22.

Those nominated for the Community Service Award will have a passion for volunteering and have exceeded expectations in volunteering. Paid services and high school community service requirements are not eligible toward the nominations.

The Personal Achievement Award is for youth who have “demonstrated a dramatic positive change in attitude or behavior, overcome a significant obstacle (health, family situation, etc.) or have made a strong, positive academic turnaround.”

For 2019 Youth Recognition nominating forms, contact the Orion Area Youth Assistance office at 248-693-6878, or request by e-mailing oaya@lok12.org.

Forms can also be downloaded from the OAYA website: www.lakeorionyouth


Return forms by email, faxing to 248-693-1494 or mailing to Orion Area Youth Assistance, CERC Building, 455 E. Scripps Rd., Lake Orion, MI 48360. – J.N.


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