Opposed to the DDA’s lumber yard bond

Everyone should know what brainwashing is right? Brainwashing is said to reduce the ability to think critically or independently.
To briefly explain, it seems to be what happened when the DDA told the village government why they should agree to a taxpayer expense of almost $7 million over the next 18 years, about $405,000 a year, on the lumber yard property and so far has no documented financial return to the village government and taxpayers. It may benefit a few downtown businesses in the form of “free” parking that everyone in the DDA district will be paying for. After that, it is pure speculation and wishful thinking on how this $7 million in tax dollars will provide any real benefit.
The great shame was the village manager and a majority of the council believing the DDA. A greater shame is that many residents also believe the brainwashing.
There was a recent presentation to the village council of the pertinent facts and financial numbers. It showed that if the village government regained control of the nearly $450,000 local tax dollars that goes to the DDA, they would not need the special assessments (increased taxes) presented by the village manager.
It is important to note that the public has no vote on these assessments, just like the public has never had any vote on how the DDA is funded; it just happens because four members of the village council want it.
These special assessments will cause problems for those with fixed and lower incomes like seniors, veterans and those working in the area with lower wages.
That equals a very happy DDA and some very unhappy village residents.
Once you understand this, speak up against the plan. The council is not acting for the good of all and needs to know that.
Fred Fleming
Lake Orion
The Citizens for A Better Lake Orion Village Committee

One Response to "Opposed to the DDA’s lumber yard bond"

  1. Roy   May 4, 2023 at 12:28 am

    “MY thought’s only, Q, WHAT IS THE NEW BOND IN CRESS FOR?? DDA no response, try that at the laundry mat as in sorry, (res. of the Village we WANT to know where our TAX MONIES are going, to whom, and to BE USED for) sorry but NO TICKIEE, NO WASHIEE, or how about a BIG SIGN at the VILLAGE limit N&S QUINT VILLAGE for SALE, make offer, what you see now as you speed thru the village, won’t be here in five years and probley me neither, or BIG MONEY will OFFER or a BUY OUT for the whole DDA AREA as it stand now, how does that bend your mind? all BIG COMPANIES make that offer to their EMPLOYEE’S to rotate bodies.(out with the old, in with the new) they would IF they wanted but they don’t want to, takes time and TIME to BIG MONEY is plus or minis they don’t like the minus sign as in $. I would like to know WHY the incress from 2.4mil to 5m ???? just a thought from an old PITA.


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