Oppose Moceri development

Why so many apartments? Moceri is attempting to make as much money as possible off the limited land and lake front?
I call that modified funneling by providing so many units access to the lake without having sufficient frontage. Moceri gets to price the units as having lakefront access and maximizes profits.
I say Moceri should do this on a small lake with little or no competing homes and in a more remote area where traffic congestion is not an issue.
They’ll need more parking than is stated during the summer months as apartment and condo owners have their family and guests over for a cookout and day on the lake.
Lake Orion is already congested and will now only get busier.
I have little faith in planning commissions, as it is in their best interest to create more revenue to secure their jobs and pay.
As often is the case, the community at-large is sold a bill of goods.
This appears to be more of the same.

Steve Quinn
Lake Orion

One Response to "Oppose Moceri development"

  1. Roy   September 30, 2022 at 1:03 pm

    Steve, I think the problem is already in the mill, as the red brick house on Elizabeth has been torn down already with notice board of what to be built there (old Elizabeth st high school) I don’t think what is on the notice can be built on that size plot with out including the old high school ????? the QUINT Village of Lake Orion is NO MORE, for the residents it’s more TAXES, for the TOWNSHIP it is more WEALTH, as in property tax, but for the OCRC the QUINT Village of Lake Orion is a SPEED BUMP in the movement of traffic THRU Lake Orion during PRIM TIME TRAVEL(5am to 7pm, go to work and go home time) so add a few CONDOS/2-3 cars each, people who work down town = a whole bunch less parking and don’t say any thing about a new parking struction using the childrens park there already a lot to exspand on as in UP, and then-now somebody wants to build a PUBLIC BOAT at ONE of the most used INTERSECTIONS in the QUINT VILLAGE of Lake Orion, me thinks somebody left the FRONT DOOR of the LOUNEY BEN UNLOCKED, could it be the same that wanted to put the FIRE STATION on Atwater st?? could be.

    RC Lake Orion is Speed Bump in the movement of NORTH/SOUTH bound traffic.


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