Open letter to the Oakland County Road Commission: When are you going to repair the horrible Heights Road?

Last week, Jim, you ran a letter to the editor (“So much road work, but what about Heights and Bellevue?” June 24, 2020, page 7) on the horrid conditions of Heights Road.

So, consider this an open letter to the Oakland County Road Commission for their immediate response as to when they will repair the horrible Heights Road.

I am 78 years old and Golling Buick/GMC recently handed me an estimate of over $4,000 to repair my Acadia with 44,000 miles. They said it was unusual for the low mileage and told me I must drive repeatedly on a really bad road.

I said I do – Heights Road off M-24 to Bellevue Avenue where I have lived since 1972. Since then I don’t recall a new road surface and asking the township and road commission brought no response so I must be right.

When I asked the Oakland County Road Commission when they have scheduled Heights Road for repair, they said maybe in 2021 – maybe? I interpret that to mean when everything else has been repaired. Pine Tree, Joslyn, Indianwood and Lapeer roads have been done recently so do you think Heights Road is next people?

I am not holding my breath, nor should you. Even the township supervisor also complains about the absurd conditions of Heights Road that he has to drive each day.

So, in less we, the people who pay very large taxes each year, start a campaign with the road commission to do what should have been done 10 or 20 years ago it aint gonna happen soon and the vehicle repairs will just get worse very soon.

I don’t know if I should sink over $4,000 in vehicle repairs now or wait another five years to see what happens – if it ever does? It would be foolish to repair it now then again in a few more years if the Heights Road repair doesn’t happen soon, eh.

What are your thoughts people? Do we continue to swerve onto the shoulder or into the other lane to avoid the bone shaking bumps because even the road water main patching repairs have made it worse? Is the road commission waiting for someone of us to hit a pedestrian or her bicycle, causing a trip to the hospital and us to court?


Fred Fleming

on Bellevue in Lake Orion Village


One Response to "Open letter to the Oakland County Road Commission: When are you going to repair the horrible Heights Road?"

  1. Jeff Flaugher   July 2, 2020 at 7:06 am

    I second Fred’s complaint to the road commissioner.
    I live on Longpointe Rd, and must travel on both Heights and Bellevue to come and go to work, and both are terrible and are a safety concern.
    It is an absolute joke that the road commission feel they can continue to patch something so inconsistent. This has become a safety concern for automobiles, motorcycles, and pedestrians. Maybe it will take a lawsuit to get them to prioritize this repair. I also note that Clarkston Rd was recently repaved, at it was in much better condition than both Heights and Bellevue?? How does the road commissioner prioritize and determine what roads get repaved. Does it have anything to do that the road commission facility is located on Clarkston Rd???
    This safety concern needs immediate attention!


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