On the Other Side…

A recent Facebook post featured a picture of a statue created by Jerry Anderson titled “Come unto me.”
The statue features an aged woman knocking on death’s door. On the other side of death’s door, you see her as a younger woman entering the freedom of heaven. She appears happy, willing and ready as she is greeted by Jesus on the other side of the veil. Both the woman and Jesus have their arms reaching out to receive each other.
As you consciously take in what the statue represents, you can feel a connection to its meaning inside your heart space.
You can totally feel the validation that there is another side beyond death’s door.
As I studied it, I felt its realness. The artist did a great job in creating a piece where the meaning matches the energy you experience just by seeing a picture of it. If we were non-believers in the thought that a greater energy than ourselves exists, then the statue and the Facebook post would have no special meaning but, could invoke the thought, What if the artist is right and there truly is life after life?
As a believer, the post reminded me that when our time in this world is complete, on the other side we will find what Jesus, our way-shower, came to teach us.
A thought for each of us is, One day we will arrive at death’s door. When we do, who will meet us? The bible tells us to set our minds on the higher consciousness above us, not on the worldly things below. This almost guarantees us that when we are faced with our last moments we will not be looking at all of our worldly possessions trying to figure out what can cross over to heaven with us.
In our review time, we will be thinking about how we lived our life, how we treated others and the good we did in the world. We know Jesus came to show us the way, but without spiritual teachings, would we find our way? I believe we would find our way to the other side because it is the natural process of life.
However, if we seek the way, we can understand it and be more comfortable with it.
In this world of technology, it’s easy to seek out information. I encourage you to use all the information that you are drawn to. That way you will have a better understanding of your spiritual self through the connection of consciousness that Jesus taught.
That is what the co-founders of Unity taught us. Using the bible as their main text, they and their family spent the greatest part of their lives teaching and providing educational materials so that people could use Jesus’ teachings to improve their lives and have a better understanding of God.
I enjoy their teachings, but you might find other teachings that feed your soul.
When you choose to live life as a spiritual walk, you take the time to work on yourself daily to live the lessons taught by Jesus. You also choose to understand more about life, creation and what is on the other side.
By using His teachings, perhaps when it is time to knock on death’s door and be received back, we will have a better understanding of what’s on the other side.
We will also be greeted with open arms and we will arrive happy and free.
*Special note for those who wonder about loved ones who have passed:
From my studies, I have found that regardless of their lifestyle, regardless of their faith or lack of, everyone will pass through the veil to the other side. And, each one is greeted and free.
“For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.” – Romans 10:10 (NLV).
Linda La Croix
Prayer Chaplain & Board President, Unity of Lake Orion. See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, for more uplifting posts.
Website: aspiritualwalk.com