Numerology and the New Year: 2020 is a year for building

Numerology is the study of numbers and the notion that each number has a meaning or representation for what shows up in our lives. I have studied just enough numerology to know how to add the numbers up and that our lives evolve through nine-year cycles. To find the number in a given date, address, etc., you add the numbers together until you have reduced them to the smallest whole number.

The numbers in the year 2017 added to the number one and started us off on a new nine-year cycle. 2020 adds to a four and is our fourth year in our nine-year cycle.

We can use the study of numbers as a clue to decipher what we see happening in our lives or the world around us. Once we make the awareness of what the numbers show us, we can better understand that some of what we see happening is part of a bigger picture beyond our control.

What we are always in control of is how we view what is happening and how we react to it. We can choose to live life boastfully, or choose living humbly. We can react with anger, or we can learn to change our anger thereby creating a better life for ourselves and those around us.

In spiritual living, life is always about us. Our life represents what we hold in our own consciousness and is influenced by the collective consciousness. In a number four year, you will be working harder. Not in a labor intensive way, but in how you figure out life. You may do more research on subjects because you will be more conscientious and want to know more.

There will be time spent putting ideas in order or piecing things together – as it is a year for building.

Building does not mean physically building something. It means whatever you put your time into you will pay more attention to putting it together or creating it in your mind.

If you are a gardener you may find that you spend more time designing your garden this year. Whatever work you have this year it will not be too much for you. We have all been working ourselves into this time and space in consciousness for a few years; we are ready for this! It happens so naturally that without an understanding of it, you wouldn’t even recognize it was happening.

Thinking back over the past few weeks, you can probably see where your thoughts have already been leading you to the number four qualities. Not because you consciously chose this, but because we are part of something greater than ourselves. That greatness innately connects us to the collective consciousness and our actions play a part in the bigger picture of all that exists.

Four is also a practical number and you will find that you take things more seriously than you remember doing for quite a while. Things that didn’t have your attention will now be a part of your focus. In particular, you will take a greater interest in your future, and reliability will be important to you, too, in this four year.

For example, let’s look at something which is presently active in the awareness of most people: global warming.

We have all heard about how some recycling has stopped, animals have died from plastic bags and glaciers are melting. With the information given to us, we have either formed an opinion about it or decided to ignore it.

There is no right or wrong choice, but whatever you chose, you would have immediately begun to align with the energy your choice created. The main collective is the energy of our planet.

In a four year, you may find that you will put more focus on what the researchers say about global warming. You may decide to build yourself a recycling area in your garage or work with others to clean up lakes or streams.

How we all decide to show up (to act) for the collective will create the situations in which we live.

Since this is a four year, seriously take a look at your life and those around you because this year is the builder of your future.

Take a practical look at what areas need to be changed. Pay attention to your actions and how you live your life. Do you find that if another person, a child or grandchild were watching you, would they be able to build a future based on how you live your life?

January always represents the beginning of a New Year; it is a common practice to give ourselves a fresh start, a new beginning.

As you are building and creating your space in the bigger picture of life, know that what you are doing in 2020 is what will be creating balance in your life for the year 2o21.

During our New Year’s Eve service at Unity of Lake Orion we host a traditional burning bowl where we consciously create the opening for greater things. If it is in your heart to join us, we will be setting the intention to do that which is ours to do in 2020.

As always, live your life spiritually and faithfully, remaining open to the flow of God and the bigger picture of life. Happy New Year!

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director & Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Lake Orion. Find uplifting posts on her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website,


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