No holiday trees, no holiday cards, no ‘Happy Holidays’ — it’s Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to give everyone who comes in contact with me during December a heads up. I will be wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

If anyone is offended by that greeting, so be it! There seems to be a segment of close-minded society who resist saying Merry Christmas and who refer to the trees in stores and family rooms as Holiday trees. There is no such thing as a Holiday tree or a Holiday card! We have Christmas trees and Christmas cards and Christmas ornaments!

Each year I wish everyone in restaurants and stores that do not acknowledge that it is Christmas by refraining from decorations, a Merry Christmas and it freaks them out!

But being the politically incorrect person I am, that is my way of tweaking the establishment in these stores and driving them crazy!

There are actually stores that are not allowed to have Christmas decorations so as not to offend anyone. Well, pardon me but I am offended by that practice! So Merry Christmas to everyone and pass it on!

Bill Kalmar

Lake Orion