New police station? Sure. A Township Hall? No way

I would say about 30 people showed up to hear about the new Township Hall. (Orion Township Board of Trustees meeting on Aug. 5)

At the end of the presentation, the township board announced that there would be no comments now; comments must wait until after the regular meeting.

Now, these people who came to hear about the Township Hall are working people. They commute. They are tired. You are well rested. Prepared for the meeting. You had the whole day to practice and rehearse. In fact, the meeting was pretty well-planned.

But these people who came that night, the people, who you work for, must wait until the end of what sounded like a rather lengthy agenda of routine business.

Many tired residents left without the chance to comment.

Unlike some others in the room, the constituents present haven’t eaten, are tired and just want to get home and go to bed.

Once the people left, though the agenda breezed through, quickly. Nothing to discuss. Yeay, Nay and O.K.

But my suspicion is that there would have been endless esoteric discussion had public remained.

No. I would say, you do not work for the citizens. We all want better houses and better places to work. Our employer can’t afford to give us what we want.

Anyway, build a new police station. Build a new library…just not your own new office.

Eric Whitesel

Orion Twp.

Editor’s Note: The Orion Twp. Board of Trustees did hear public comments during the regularly scheduled public comments portion of the meeting. The presentation on the proposed new Township Hall was not a public hearing, or a townhall discussion format