New Life and New Beginnings…

Recently, as a new day was beginning for me, I prepared breakfast and watched as the winter snow was falling. A new text message from a Unity member came in. It was a request asking me to go to a local hospital and meet with someone in her family whose spouse was very ill.

Once out on the road, I questioned the snowy road conditions. I felt safe driving even though the road was only visible where another’s tires had already made tracks.

As I approached my first intersection, I became really unsure as to which of the snow covered roads would be best to travel. I decided to not turn. Just stay on the straight path even though it might take longer.

As I passed through the intersection, one of the truths that I practice came into my mind. That truth reminded me that there is no right or wrong way to go in our lives. There is just a way to go. This means there is never a specific choice you have to make. The choice you make is what provides you the action(s) and circumstances for which you have to deal with.

Knowing this truth, I began to focus on my choice of going up to the hospital to meet someone unknown to me at this emotional time in their life.

I began right where we can always do our most good – I held the family in my thoughts and prayers. In Unity and New Thought practices, when we hold someone in our thoughts we are holding them in prayer, because our thoughts are prayers.

Like all prayer Chaplains, I know God always puts us where we can do the most good. So rather than wasting time wondering what it was that God would have me do, I began thinking positive thoughts.

I affirmed that I would be open to being available for the physical presence of God to work in this world. I personally needed to do nothing. God would provide what the loved ones needed. This is facilitated by us and happens when we make the choice to step out of the way and not put what we know into action.

When I reached the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), I found a floor full of patients. Oh goodness I thought: “How can I be present here for only one family?” I couldn’t, so I began to hold the entire ICU, including the doctors and nurses, in prayerful thought.

Our conversations centered on the thoughts that we alone were not able to make anything better. This was not our specialty and we surrendered to knowing the medical team was doing the best they could. The determining factor was out of our hands and into the energy of all there is.

In many ways, this was a new beginning because as a caretaker, you are often able to fix many minor things. Surrendering brings you to nothing; after which will be followed by new beginnings or a new way to live your life.

It also became apparent to me that even though the family member I spoke to was religious, what was needed more than anything at this time was spiritual words of comfort. A simple prayer offering was not enough.

An advance directive is a legal document which tells what your wishes are for medical care should you not be able to make your own decisions. I learned that it is not helpful to your loved ones if you have not given them an advance directive. When needed, it can take the stress off your loved ones.

Another interesting truth is that when a life or death situation becomes out of your hands spiritual lessons are very comforting to others.

I heard the sound of chimes ringing in the hospital, a sign of new life, a new baby is born. Sitting in the ICU, I found the timing of the chimes very enchanting. They brought to mind those in the ICU who are awaiting new medicines, new medical treatments or new lifestyle changes.

Essentially, a new life is beginning for them. I thought how interesting the comparison was and how the circle of life is always in the here and now.

New life begins each time we change what we are doing that is not working for us. If you think over your life you will find the most exciting, rewarding, memorable and positive feelings you have experienced have come through learning and discovering new thoughts, things or ideas.

Your best joys were always found in your new beginnings.

Life is sometimes like bad roads — not good to be on. So follow the tracks others have laid out before you. Whatever way you choose it is the right way for you. Know you can always change your way of being as there is really no ending to life, only new ways of being and new beginnings.

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix

Prayer Chaplain & Board President

Unity of Lake Orion. See Her FB Page

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