Mother Nature always wins

A very common topic for the past few weeks has been the weather extremes. Along with Australian fires, was a volcano in the Philippines which triggered earthquakes, and an earthquake in Puerto Rico. As we heard about how bad the fires were in Australia, many American firefighters left their homes and flew there to help.

That is worth mentioning because even though we see bad there are many people doing good things to lend a hand. Being witness to both the good and bad reminds us of the duality that exists in this world. When hearing about bad things, and for balance, it becomes necessary to look for the good too.

Just a little reminder: When the bad comes forward, that is the time for us to hold a picture in our mind’s eye for something better to happen.

And better will happen. Why? Because people are inherently good; they care about others, the planet and future generations. You may actually be one of those good people who support clearing up the bad and bringing about the good!

So, what creates natural disasters like volcanos, earthquakes and flooding? Is it global warming, evolution, climate change? The name is not important; what is important is how we take care of that which does not belong to us: Mother Earth/Mother Nature.

While driving one day I began thinking about how beautiful Mother Nature is. As we do in living life as a spiritual walk, I began being grateful for seeing the beauty. Knowing everyone enjoys hearing how beautiful or wonderful they are from time to time I thought the earth probably does too! Not in a boastful, egotistical or needy way, but in an appreciative, grateful and blessed way.

When you are feeling appreciative to be alive there is a connection from you to the Heavens. There is an energy being expressed when you feel blessed in being able to share in this wonderful creation.

As a caretaker and protector of Mother Nature, you are separate but also connected. Take time often to visualize the separation of yourself from the natural world and your connection with our One Source Energy that I call God.

If thoughts enter your mind as to why Mother Nature’s actions have raised up and created problems for people, this is your time to expand your consciousness into doing what you can do from your little corner of the world.

Give glory to nature and let nature be your guidance, because Mother Nature will always win. Nature is the Alpha. We can work with nature, but we must obey its unstated laws by being aware of its possibilities and protect ourselves when necessary.

For example, with water you can swim, surf, scuba dive or boat, but if you do not respect the actions and personality of Mother Nature you can be overtaken by the water.

If you plan on spending time outdoors in the freezing temperatures and are not dressed properly, or are out too long, you may be overtaken by the cold air.

Volcanic ash is not something you can breathe much of before your body will respond in an unhealthy way. Hurricanes and tornadoes will blow through and if you are outside they do not stop for you.

It’s not personal; it is just how the Earth and Mother Nature responds to all that is happening to it from the inside and from the outside.

A thought that resonates good with me is: The earth does not exist just for us! It may have been created so that life could exist, but not just human life. The earth, other planets, the sun, stars, sky and all in the Universe will be around long after we are gone. All of life and our purpose in living exists so that God can live and move and have His being through it, through us!

Mother Nature will far outlive us, but while here, we can do our best to be the best expression of God in action that we can be.

As Mother Nature displays its beauty for you, take time to absorb it! Let your mind wander as you breathe in the beauty your eyes are seeing or your body’s energy is feeling. During the exchange of your positive thoughts and breath, you will experience an energy that makes you feel good inside. When you feel that exchange, know that you are now reflecting back to Mother Earth/Nature a positive vibration of harmony and balance.

“The Lord God took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and to keep it. ” Genesis 2:15 (ESV)

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix, Unity Director at Unity of Lake Orion. See her Facebook page, A Spiritual Walk, or website,


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