Memorial Day honors those who have sacrificed

Memorial Day honors those who have sacrificed

By Jim Newell

Review Editor

The Memorial Day ceremony at the Orion Veterans Memorial on Monday was the culmination of the day’s events, with veterans, family and community members showing their support for those who have died in service to the nation — and their appreciation for those yet alive who have served.

With the veterans memorial packed for the first time since the pandemic began — last year’s ceremony was held virtually — the ceremony reminded those in attendance of the sacrifices veterans made to preserve freedom.

Each name spoken was a somber reminder of the toll taken on Orion’s veterans as the names of the Orion military soldiers who died in active duty were read aloud.

Vito Pamplona, a veteran who served in Vietnam, gave the keynote address.

“Your country appreciates your service, as do your brothers and sisters in arms,” Pamplona said, addressing the military men and women who had died.

“The oath I took so long ago still stands today…We have accepted the responsibility to pass this torch to the next generation so that they will never be forgotten.”

ter Plan – including community demographics, land use, transportation (motorized and non-motorized), housing and natural features. Each station will be staffed by a member of the planning commission, who will facilitate discussions with community members.

The meeting also features an exercise where community members will rank by priority potential projects being considered by township leadership.

“We hope to see a large number of people at the open house,” said planning commission Chairman Scott Reynolds. “One of the best ways for us to secure the ideas and thoughts from our fellow residents is through events like this. We’ll closely review all of the feedback we receive as we complete the update of the Master Plan during the next several months.”

Community members also will be able to provide feedback on the information shared in the open house stations online, via a link found at the Orion Township website, This link will be active from June 16-21.

The regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting on June 16 begins at 7 p.m., 30 minutes after the close of the open house. The public can attend the meeting in-person. – J.N.


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