McQuiston, Flaherty, Zale for LOCS school board

I am writing in support of three candidates for the Board of Education for Lake Orion Community Schools.

Birgit McQuiston is an incumbent on the board and during her tenure she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to excellence in our schools and a high level of integrity.

Birgit is incredibly conscientious, researches issues and is well prepared when making decisions for students.

Birgit keeps the best interests of our students and district at the forefront in all of her decisions. She brings experience and knowledge to the position. She has served effectively and deserves to continue to serve.

Just as we need experienced board members, it is also important to bring fresh perspectives by electing new members.

Susan Flaherty and Janice Zale are active parents in our district who want to give back to the community, have a meaningful impact on the board and provide the best learning environment for our students.

Through their hard work and commitment on the board, they want to ensure our students to understand their hard work in school and involvement in the community will prepare them to have a positive impact in the future.

They both seek to ensure Lake Orion is a desired destination for families because of the excellence of the school system.

I urge you to support these excellent candidates for the Board of Education for Lake Orion Community Schools.

Diane Dunaskiss

Lake Orion


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