Main Street award presented to DDA, paddleboarding considered for Green’s Park

Main Street award presented to DDA, paddleboarding considered for Green’s Park

By Susan Carroll

Review Writer

The Lake Orion Village Council held its regular meeting on Monday, with the council considering paddleboarding at Green’s Park and hearing a proposal from the Lake Orion Sunrise Rotary Club to help with maintenance and cleaning at Green’s Park.

Main Street Award

Joe Frost, associate planner for Main Street Oakland County, presented the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority with the Main Street Oakland County Accreditation Award.

Main Street Oakland County is an economic development program that provides assistance to historic business districts in the county to build sustainable and community revitalization.

The award certifies that the Village of Lake Orion DDA met theMain Street performance standards in 2017.

Village Council President Kenneth Van Portfliet said, “We are very proud of our DDA. Oakland County supports us well, thank you, it is working well for everyone.”

Lake Orion Sunrise Rotary Club

Diane Dunaskiss of the Lake Orion Sunrise Rotary Club presented a proposal to the board to be, “More involved in the community itself, and we have enlisted the help of Joe Young.”

The Rotary club’s proposal to become more involved with Green’s Park was accepted by the council.

Council President Ken Van Portfliet said, “I like the idea of a Rotary sign on the fence so the community knows we have an active Rotary (Club).”

The Rotary will now be responsible for cleaning up the park on the weekends and providing volunteers to do so.

They also will be fundraising on the parks behalf, to provide benches and other immediate needs.

The Rotary Club has two fundraisers scheduled for Aug. 4 — the Lake Orion Duathlon Run-Bike-Run and the Cajun Seafood Spectacular.

Go to Lake Orion Sunrise Rotary Club’s Facebook page for more details.

Game on Paddleboarding

Green’s Park may soon have non-motorized watercraft rentals such as kayaks and paddleboards, as well as programs to support the rentals.

The village is looking to approve the rentals once a proposed contract is submitted to the village by Game On Paddleboarding and reviewed by the village’s attorney.


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