LOHS students get real at Real Talk

Lake Orion High School held their popular Real Talk program last week.

The full-day program, designed to support students as they deal with issues affecting them, was held on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at the CERC building

According the LOCS website, the goal of Real Talk is “to help eliminate the acceptability of all forms of oppression. The result: the students bring their lessons back to the high school community, empowering the wider student body to combat any issues of violence, teasing, social oppression, racism, harassment, conflict management, suicide, peer pressure, alcohol and drugs.”

Students started the day out by participating in ice-breakers, along with a handful of adult volunteers who served as facilitators and mentors.

Later, students were broken up into smaller groups, each with an adult facilitator, where they discussed a variety of topics including those listed above.

“I can tell you that I try to facilitate Real Talk every year. It’s an emotional day, but it’s an important day,” said facilitator and LOHS teacher Cathy Srock. “It allows us to take the time and focus on our kids not just as students, but as people. There is so much to their stories, and I’m glad they have a chance, if they choose to, to talk and share those things.”

Reintroducing Real Talk is one of the many strides that LOCS and its faculty have taken to “end the stigma” and open up the discussion surrounding mental health. — M.K.


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