LOHS Student of the Week — Jaina Macaulay

Parents: Melissa and Robert Macaualy

Grade: 12

GPA: 3.94

Favorite subject(s): Forensics

Extracurricular activities: Volleyball

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Art, working out, rock climbing, movies

Plans after graduation: Play college volleyball and pursue a career in criminal justice

Jaina is proudest of: My Family

Jaina makes a contribution by: I always try to keep a positive attitude so that those who are having a bad day will have at least some positivity in their day

When Jaina thinks of the future: Hopefully pursing my dreams and job

What concerns Jaina in the world: Global Warming

Favorite thing about Lake Orion High School: Teachers I have right now

Recommending Teacher: Mr. Smith

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