LOCS Supt. Ben Kirby receives ‘effective’ rating in 2020-21 evaluation

The Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education presented their ratings for the first superintendent evaluation of Ben Kirby at their meeting on July 21.

“The Lake Orion Board of Education has conducted the annual review of the superintendent of schools (Ben Kirby). The thorough review process was conducted during multiple work sessions by the board and the results have been shared with our superintendent,” Board President Jim Wiedman said. “The past year has been uniquely challenging and the evaluation process attempted to take into account the constantly shifting sand of leading Lake Orion Community Schools during this time. I’m happy to report that we have a superintendent that has demonstrated much success in leading Lake Orion Community Schools. In all measured evaluation categories, Ben achieved effective or highly effective ratings. The board is pleased to give Ben an overall effective rating for the 2020-21 evaluation period.”

The board has spent the past several months working on the superintendent evaluation process including hearing a presentation on the superintendent evaluation tool from Collins & Blaha at their Feb. 24 workshop meeting.

“The board thanks Ben for all his good work over the last year and looks forward to the coming year with anticipation of continued success under is leadership for Lake Orion Schools,” said Wiedman. — M.K.

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