LOCS reports three positive COVID-19 cases

On Oct. 23 Lake Orion Community Schools released information that two students from the same household, one in a Special Education classroom and one a student-athlete, tested positive for COVID-19.

“The student in a Special Education classroom attended on October 12-13 but had not returned to the classroom between then and the positive test result on October 22. The athlete has not interacted with the team since October 15,” the district stated on their website.

On Tuesday, the district notified the community of another positive test, this time, a high school student a boys basketball open gym on October 22 and October 24.

“Students who attended the open gym were recommended to self-quarantine until the Oakland County Health Division completed its contact tracing,” district administration said.

This week, elementary students return to in-person learning with a phase-in model. The first half of the alphabet attended school on Monday and Tuesday with the second half of the alphabet attending Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, all elementary-aged in-person learners will be back in classrooms.

Secondary education students (middle and high school) are expected to return to in-person under various guidelines on Nov. 9.

— Megan Kelley

Update 10/28: Today, LOCS received information that a high school staff member tested positive for COVID-19. the staff member was last in the building on Oct. 21.

Update 10/29: LOCS published a communication on their website regarding another positive COVID-19 test. The positive case’s last appearance at a school function was participating the freshman football game on Oct. 22.


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