LOCS raises high school parking pass and swim lesson fees for 2019-2020 school year

Lake Orion Community Schools discussed their 2019-2020 district annual fee schedule during their March 27 board meeting.
Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance John Fitzgerald briefly spoke about several changes that had been made.
Most noteworthy for high school students and parents is the raising of the parking pass price.
Parking passes for high schoolers will increase from $60 to $70 in the 2019-2020 school year.
Additionally, the cost for a replacement pass will be raised from $5 to $25. This cost increase will be the district’s attempt to cut down on illegitimate passes.
What happens sometimes is that students will give their paid for pass to their friend and then get a replacement one for $5, explained Fitzgerald.
Also receiving a price bump will be several swim lesson types.
Parent & Toddler 1+2 (30 minutes) will increase from $60 to $65. Puddle Jumpers (30 minutes.) and levels 1 – 2 (30 minutes) jump from $72 to $75. Levels 3 – 4 (50 minutes.) increase from $75 to $80. Levels 5 – 6 (50 minutes.) will rise from $90 to $95. Semi-private (five 45 minute lessons) will jump from $215 to $225. One 30 minute private increases from $42 to $50 and five 30 minute private lessons have the largest increase from $175 to $200.
According to district documents the swim lesson increase is due to cover the increasing program costs. — M.K.