LOCS Board of Education should suspend school bond fund spending

I am writing to ask the Lake Orion School Board to take a stand against further spending of the LO School Bond funds. 
It is my opinion (subject to change with new information) that our current health and economic situations will get much worse before they get better.  As such, I believe the School Board has a responsibility to suspend all non critical spending for the foreseeable future.  This includes stopping all Capital projects
The community funding this profligate spending plan is quickly becoming decimated with the loss of investment assets, jobs and other income streams.  Property tax payments will be missed during the next cycle and those that are made will be under duress.  This is not the time to tear down Blanche Sims, install new locker rooms, upgrade parking lots, build new concession stands or other highly discretionary projects.  The bonds were passed with deceptive marketing tactics and now more than ever, the School Board needs to step up and show some financial leadership to this community.
Ray Hammond
Lake Orion 

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