LOCS Board of Education approves changes to Webber’s bond scope

By Megan Kelley

Review Writer

The scope of Webber Elementary’s bond construction projects will be a touch different than originally planned after the Lake Orion Community Schools Board of Education voted to authorize LOCS administration to execute contracts related to the “Webber Elementary Change Order” in the total allocation amount of $335,748 at their March 24 meeting.

“While we were in there doing the work at Webber, it became pretty apparent that on the existing side of the building that is not being replaced, in terms of while we’re in there doing some replacements, some carpet work, some floor work and some ceiling work, while we’re there we decided to do a bunch of wiring on the interior and closed space work,” said John Fitzgerald, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance.

“Actually, the specific stuff would be ceilings, electrical and wiring, some masonry work, some painting, some demo in the existing eight classrooms. So, since we were there, we decided to go with this decision to do that. So, in effect, these existing eight classrooms won’t be brand new classrooms but they will have the feel and operational capacity of a brand new classroom.”

The district had previously established rules that would require board approval for any projects that reach $100,000.

However, according to Fitzgerald, the net project cost increase is minimal.

“From a net project cost increase including the previously approved contingency dollars, there’s really no change there, it’s just being reassigned with specific work changes on it,” Fitzgerald said.

Bond construction at Webber began in 2019 and is expected to be fully completed later this year.


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