Local ordinance against discrimination sought

By Brian Marshall
Review Editor
Last week’s Lake Orion Village Council meeting featured an impassioned presentation regarding human rights.
Citizen Lisa Goyette addressed the council, suggesting a municipal human rights ordinance that would support the LGBT community.
“Currently in Michigan it is legal to discriminate against people of the LGBT community,” said Goyette, of Orion Township. “We’re interested in seeing the village adopt a Human Rights ordinance.”
Goyette stressed how without such a measure, LGBT individuals struggle with image problems.
“In 2016, we’re very aware of the harmful effects that this discrimination has to the community,” Goyette said.
“It sends a message to not only those who exist in that community, but also their allies that they’re not wanted, they’re not valued, they’re ostracized and they’re marginalized.”
Kenneth Van Portfliet, Council President, responded to Goyette’s wish for a local human rights ordinance.
“I’d like to see the state embrace some type of consideration and try to make a decision for Michigan at large,” Van Portfliet said.
After more discussion, the Council decided to put the item on the agenda for the July 11 meeting for further discussion.
The second presentation of the village meeting consisted of Lake Orion Schools Superintendent Marion Ginopolis offering an informational look at the Site Sinking Fund.
The fund would be used for repair and maintenance for all district schools, rather than having to use money from its general fund.
The fund would be paid for by a tax that Ginopolis said would cost the owner of a $200,000 home $200.

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