Local business owner supports Zielinski

I am writing a letter to you and the good people of Lake Orion because my voice cannot be heard with a vote. My name is Dr. Andrew Millage. I am an Iraq vet with the U.S. Army 3rd Ranger Battalion. I am a small business owner in Lake Orion and enjoy serving the Lake Orion community greatly. As I live in Oxford I may not vote in the upcoming election. The office for the County Clerk is up for grabs and I cannot speak more highly of Jennifer Zielenski. I have had the displeasure of dealing with our current clerk and deal with the mistakes and lack of communication in that office. I am politically motivated individual and I do go to the meetings and watch the meltdowns that happen on a regular basis and lack of professionalism.

Jennifer Zielinski is breath of fresh air. Mrs Zielinski is a great communicator cut in the mold of Ronald Regan. Jennifer Zielinski keeps her cool under pressure, listens, validates your concerns, and will help find a solution to the problem that both sides can agree to. Not only is she a great mom to her lovely children and loyal wife but she is a hard working individual who strives to see justice done and have a positive outcome.

Lake Orion PLEASE vote for Jennifer Zielinski, help me have my voice heard here in Lake Orion. I would greatly appreciate your support and vote for Jennifer Zielinski.

Andrew Millage

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