Local author celebrates her published book with signing on Sept. 13 at Oxford Library


By Megan Kelley
Review Writer
OXFORD — Patti Owens has been a resident of Lake Orion for 10 years and never thought she would be a published author.
She’s a self-proclaimed “letter writer” who has spent many years writing notes to friends and family. Over the past three or so years, Owens has compiled some of her past letters into her now published book, See the Light: Inspirational Letters, Reflections, and Life-Changing Positive Words.
“I’m a letter writer and I’ve always been a letter writer. I’ve always written notes and not really thought too much about it but people always really reacted to my letters,” Owens said. “As time went on, people would tell me that they saved them. They printed them out and they saved them, they carry them in their wallets, etc., and I didn’t think it was weird, I just thought I didn’t do those things.”
The thought of publishing some of these letters was not one that occurred to Owens until a friend made the suggestion, calling Owens a potential “Holy Messenger.”
“It changed the way I looked at what I was doing. I really never felt like they were my words but I never put it into any kind of context,” Owens said. “I thought, ‘I really should listen.’ It often happens that I just get these words in my head and I thought, ‘I don’t have time to write these’ but the words never went away until I’d write them down.”
Owens began to think that if others were impacted greatly by her letters, perhaps she should be saving them as well.
Owens estimates she has somewhere between 600 to 1,000 letters.
With the help of an old friend, Owens was able to put together a selection of letters about love, hope, compassion, joy, gratitude, faith and peace.
“The first chapter is love because, in my view of life, that’s where everything starts. You have to love yourself but you also have to love your neighbor and you have to love the people out there,” Owens said. “It ends in peace, which is where the journey goes. You start with love and if you do it right, you can live in peace.”
Owens continues to write letters to people, getting inspiration on her morning walks.
Her friends and family have continued to offer encouragement and have allowed her to make plans for writing another book of letters as well.
Owens’ book is available for purchase online from a variety of vendors, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Google Play.
Follow her on Facebook at the page, Patti Owens Author.

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