LO students should visit the DIA, Cranbrook to broaden their art appreciation

It would be an admirable goal for 2023 for the Lake Orion Art Center Board of Directors to approach the Lake Orion School Board counsel with the idea that every 6th grader should go to the DIA (Detroit Institute of Art) and Crandbrook Art Museum at least once as part of their curriculum.
Children are sponges and they too have the ability to be creative…in their own unique way.
Going to the DIA and Cranbrook offers kids the opportunity to see and experience multiple mediums of art to choose from, paint, metal, clay, cloth, photography etc.
If we don’t teach them about their creative capabilities and possibilities young, how can we expect them to support or appreciate art when they get older? They need hands-on exposure and experiences.
How many young boys and girls have been to professional hockey, basketball, soccer and/or baseball at Comerica…but have not been to the DIA? Let’s make art a wholesome part of their lives.
By the way… All parents living in Oakland County pay an Art Tax to the DIA and can go there for free with their family.
Mac Deuparo
Orion Twp.

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  1. Cory Johnston   December 22, 2022 at 1:12 pm

    This is an excellent idea but I would expand it to encourage visiting places like the entire Cranbrook campus and similar places in southeast Michigan. Those places show that art and creativity can and should be part of life and living, versus only a special place and location. Show them that art is more than something in museum or gallery.


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