LO, don’t miss the Moceri development opportunity

Mr. (Cory) Johnston, the planning commission requires a 10 percent open space adherence and Moceri offers 24 percent?
The problem is not Moceri, it’s the planning commission.
Why would they accept so little?
Because this is Mayberry RFD, and now we have to step up and act like we deserve to have this fantastic area we live in.
We have an offer to take a whole lot of abandoned black eyes in our town and make something nice out of it, something that makes people uneasy.
I say get over it and ask yourself when was the last time anyone did anything at the Darling Cottage?
It’s 2022 and we built this great place we live in. Why wouldn’t people want to build here and spruce it up?
We’re going to look that gift horse in the mouth?
Demand a bit more in return from the developer because they didn’t come to the table with everything out.
Unless we act, we mire ourselves in the same ol’ same ol’.
Moceri has a reputation for building beautiful properties, and we have a reputation for sticking together, fighting for what’s good here and pissing away opportunities.
Let’s make something good together.

John Enright
Lake Orion

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