Let’s Make Michigan Safe

Dear Friends,

The horrific mass shooting at Oxford High School was not only a local tragedy — our global community wept for our children. We have suffered significant loss and heartbreak due to gun violence, and while we cannot change the events that happened in Oxford on that day, we can work together to end gun violence.

Every Michigander deserves a safe community — from our schools to our places of worship, movie theaters, shopping malls, public events, and more. Last Thursday, with my colleagues in the Firearm Safety and Gun Violence Prevention Caucus, we hosted a press conference and talked about how we can strengthen public safety and encourage responsible gun ownership.

(The press conference is available at:


Here’s where you can help.

The majority party in the Michigan Legislature has repeatedly ignored our pleas and squandered opportunities to pass responsible and commonsense gun safety bills. If we get enough community support, we can demand they act.

If you want your voice heard, please add your name at SafeMichigan.com and demand action to end gun violence.

If I can be of any assistance to you or your family, please call my office at 517-373-2417, or email me at SenRBayer@senate.michigan.gov.

Working together toward a safer Michigan,

Rosemary Bayer

State Senator, 12th District


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