Lake Orion Village Council reviews goals, objectives for 2023

By Megan Kelley
Review Writer
LAKE ORION — During their special meeting on Jan. 24, the Lake Orion Village Council reviewed their goals and objectives for 2023.
The process consisted of the council going through either list of goals and objectives from both August and September of 2021 and making changes to better reflect the village’s goals for 2023 and beyond.
“Your goals and objectives, even though we say they’re for the upcoming year, some of them carry over to a longer term,” said village Manager Darwin McClary.
Many of the changes made included removing projects that had already reached completion, things that were general responsibilities of administration or other boards or committees and rewording some more specific objectives.
“A lot of them, we talked about – yeah, they’re things that we do but it’s more administrative procedures not goals we need to have on here,” said council President Pro-Tem Teresa Rutt.
Though the list is not finalized, the council’s 2023 goals and objectives are currently:
Goal: Promote sound and prudent financial management.
Objectives: Identify, classify and determine use of all village owned properties, address parking needs downtown, review infrastructure projects and water and sewer rates, and grant writing policies and procedures.
Goal: Promote proper management of capital assets and infrastructure.
Objectives: Water system improvement program, sanitary sewer system improvement program, DPW yard site renovations plan, comprehensive sidewalk improvement plan, and replacement of Meek’s and Children’s Park pedestrian bridges.
Goal: Promote quality recreation services and environmental stewardship.
Objectives: Paint Creek stream bank stabilization, and review the lake draw down process.
Goal: Promote a positive community image.
Objective: Increase/promote clear and frequent communication from village boards and commission to residents and businesses.
The council was expected to finalize the draft on Jan. 26 in another special meeting but the meeting was canceled by a vote of 6-0.
The council is expected to have another special meeting on Feb. 13 at 6:30 p.m. ahead of their regularly scheduled meeting at 7:30 p.m. the same night.

2 Responses to "Lake Orion Village Council reviews goals, objectives for 2023"

  1. John Enright   February 2, 2023 at 4:54 pm

    Now that’s funny stuff right there. The council canceled the meeting to approve the draft to “promote a positive community image” . When does it end?

  2. Roy   February 6, 2023 at 8:54 am

    @J, it will END when the Village of Orion (DOWN TOWN) stores are BOARDED, PARKING needed ONLY for week end PARTIES, Most Res. will have SOLD out and MOVED on, replaced with 3 and 4 story (CONDO’S, OFFICE SPACE, and VERY HIGH RETAIL) not a “QUAINT VILLAGE” any more. Then the 5-10 yr AGEING STARTS, as in MAINTENANCE, REPAIR, REPLACE, DECLINE of RENTERS, LESSEES, BIG MONEY DOES NOT want that problem, SELL OFF, get out, sell out, it will be like a USED CAR LOT, only with USED BUILDINGS, and the QUAINT VILLAGE will be just a name on the road map like RUDD’S MILL on the weather map, it’s been a HUNDRED years ago, but the QUAINT VILLAGE of Orion will still be a SPEED BUMP to traffic North and South on M-24, and FLINT ST and ORION RD, and still nothing to STOP and SHOP for in “The QUAINT VILLAGE of ORION”. (as for the 5mil BOND, and 4-5-6 Ten year TAX ABATEMENT,S? probley still on the BOOKS for the remaining res. of the “The QUAINT VILLAGE of ORION” to pay off.


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