Lake Orion – Noxious Weeds/Nuisance Ordinance Notice





Sections 95.35 through 95.39 of the Code of Lake Orion provide that:

(1) Specified poisonous or injurious plants, and other weeds, grasses and vegetation that exceed a height of 8 inches above ground level, are considered to be noxious weeds and a public nuisance.

(2) Owners, occupants and agents of owners of land must maintain land free from noxious weeds, with each failure to do so being punishable as a municipal civil infraction and allowing the Village to cut, mow, remove or destroy the noxious weeds as provided in this Notice.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that noxious weeds existing on a property on or after May 1, 2019 may be cut, mowed, or removed by the Village as often as necessary to keep the property free from noxious weeds during 2019, with the property owner charged with the Village’s actual and administrative costs and expenses in doing so, which shall be a lien on the property

Prior to cutting, mowing or removing noxious weeds on a property for the first time, the Village will provide written notice to the owners of record and to occupants and agents of the owners known to the Village: (i) to cut, mow or remove the noxious weeds within five (5) days of the date of the notice, (ii) to thereafter maintain the property free from noxious weeds, (iii) that upon a failure or refusal to do so, that the Village, by employees or contractors, will enter upon the property and perform the required cutting, mowing or removal, (iv) that payment of the Village’s actual costs incurred in cutting, mowing or removal and a 30% administrative fee on those costs is the responsibility of the property owners and is secured by a lien on the property, (v) that the existence of noxious weeds is a public nuisance, and (vi) that describes methods of treating and eradicating noxious weeds.

Susan C. Galeczka, CMC CMMC

Village Clerk

Publish Lake Orion Review March 6, 2019

Posted March 1, 2019


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