Lake Orion Community Schools: Lamp of Learning

LOCS Superintendent Marion Ginopolis will regularly share thoughts and updates about district-related topics in The Review.

The Lamp of Learning Academic Awards Program was implemented by the Lake Orion Community Schools Board in the Fall of 1985 to honor and reward students in grades 6-12 who have demonstrated exemplary achievement in the classroom.

Awards are earned based on the work of an entire school year and range from Academic Letters to bronze, silver and gold pins that students can accumulate during their years in the district.

Unique to this program is that awards are given out in the Fall of the following academic year. (i.e., an award earned in the 8th grade is given out in the Fall of the 9th grade, etc.) with ceremonies held in the evening at each of the middle schools and the high school so that parents and other family members can attend to celebrate their student.

As their names are called, students come forward to receive their award from LOCS Board of Education members along with a hearty handshake, a congratulations for great work and lots of applause from the audience.

The Lamp of Learning Program has been an excellent way to set the tone of the importance of achievement as students begin a new school year as opposed to only at the end of the year. It affords Board members the opportunity to inform students of the significance of their accomplishments as well as encourage them to work hard and study throughout the new school year.

While the district website and social media sites do an excellent job of recognizing students’ accomplishments, the Lamp of Learning ceremonies are a more intimate way for the Board of Education to recognize achievement and motivate students to continue learning and succeeding.

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