Lake Orion Community Schools — Building and Site Sinking Fund Update

February 22, 2017
Fund Operations, Internal Controls and Revenue Update:
Building and Site Sinking Fund revenue is managed using a separate bank account and reconciliation process. The project management planning, oversite and internal control team and processes have been defined and are now in place.
Projected tax revenue for the December 2016 levy is $3.4 million. Actual revenue collection to date is $1.2 million. The FY2018 levy will occur in July of 2017. The attached “project budget by project type” schedule utilizes a two fiscal year time horizon, the balance of FY2017 through FY2018, incorporating the anticipated December 2016 and the majority of the July 2017 tax levies.
Projects Status Update:
Roof Replacement Projects: Request for Proposals were advertised in the local paper, district web site and Bid4Michigan in mid-January.
A pre-bid conference was held on January 24, 2017. Proposals were opened publically on February 2, 2017. Bid approval recommendations to the board are scheduled for the February 22, 2017 Board meeting.
Work is schedule to take place once school is out in June. The roofing projects include the partial roof replacements at Orion Oaks Elementary, Carpenter Elementary, Stadium Drive Elementary and the CERC building.
Paving & Concrete Projects: Design and survey work continue. Meetings with elementary principals at Blanche Sims, Carpenter and Stadium Drive were held on January 25, 2017. Request for Proposals will be ready for bid in early March, with board recommendation planned in April 2017. Projects are intended to improve accessibility, traffic flow, parking lot and sidewalk conditions. Work will begin once school is out in June.
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Projects: Engineers were in the district on January 26th to continue the review and design of the following:
• New boiler systems at Scripps Middle School and the High School
• Energy management system upgrades at Carpenter Elementary
• New chiller unit for air conditioning at Lake Orion High School
• New chemical controllers and efficiency upgrades for the LOHS pool area.
Flooring Projects: Architects are working with district staff and the building principals at LOHS and Orion Oaks Elementary to develop the district’s “request for proposal” bid document that will be issued for carpet replacement at those buildings. In additional, gym floor repair and refinishing work at Paint Creek Elementary is scheduled.
Building and Site Sinking Fund Update
February 22, 2017
General Projects: Sinking Fund dollars have allowed us to complete immediate critical repairs and replacements, keeping valuable resources in the classroom.
Recent “general” projects include the following:
• Domestic water heater replacement for Orion Oaks and Paint Creek Elementary schools.
• An ejection pump replacement, bird netting replacement and bleacher repair at LOHS.
• Storm water retention pond renovation at Blanche Sims Elementary.
• Mechanical system replacement and repair at Carpenter Elementary.
• Storm-drain repair and renovation at Scripps Middle School.
• Parking lot storm sewer repair at Waldon Middle School and LOHS.
• Numerous roof repairs around the district.

Editor’s Note: This Lake Orion Community Schools — Building and Site Sinking Fund Update was presented during the LOCS Board of Education workshop on Feb. 22. The Lake Orion Review will publish Sinking Fund updates as they become available.

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