Lake Orion administrators provide updates on state testing requirements

During their March 24 meeting, Lake Orion schools Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning Heidi Mercer provided a few updates on this year’s state testing requirements, specifically in regard to the Michigan Merit Exam (MME).

“The only change that has been approved at this particular point in time is that there has been an extension regarding the testing window,” Mercer said. “We’re ready to roll and so we will move forward with that.”

Additionally, Mercer is planning on bringing forward a recommendation in the near future to change the district’s graduation requirements for this year. The district adjusted the graduation requirements last year as well.

“We require it (the MME) as a graduation requirement. We do have to give the assessment. However, students during this period of time, during COVID, have the option of whether they will take it or not. So, based on that we will have to change our graduation requirement,” Mercer said.

Any student who chooses to participate in the MME will be required to take the test onsite, this includes Dragon Virtual students who will likely have their testing held at the CERC building.

— By Megan Kelley


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