Lake Orion abuzz with weekend Jubilee fun

Lake Orion abuzz with weekend Jubilee fun

The Lake Orion Lions Club held their annual Jubilee last week, bringing four days of carnival fun to the streets of Lake Orion.

The dark skies and bouts of rain didn’t dampen the fun — after all, everyone looks forward to the Jubilee’s rides, food, games and the infamous Lions Club Beer Tent.

Attendees anxiously awaited their turn to ride towers of metal, such as the Zipper, that enclosed riders in cages; the Loop O Plane that swung them upside down and back down – over and over and over; and the Black Pearl pirate ship that brought screams as it seemed to freefall from the sky.

On Saturday night, in Lake Orion style, fireworks lit up the sky after cannon-like noises, followed by a mesmerizing display of enormous bursts of colors.

The carnival has rolled out of town, the beer tent has been taken down and Lake Orion is back to normal, but in 2019, will be back in town to Jubilee again.


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