Keep Lake Orion beautiful and safe

I am a retired veteran and a resident on Lake Orion in the Village of Lake Orion. Our beautiful lake is being polluted with illegal buoys. Owners around the lake have placed illegal buoys in front of their lots on the lake, apparently to keep people away from their shoreline.

I checked with the Department of Natural Resources and the Oakland County Sherriff Marine Division. They both have indicated the buoys are illegal. Citing Michigan State Law, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 451 of 1994, 324.80159. Buoys and Beacons, which states: “A person shall not place a beacon or Buoy in the waters of this state”.

Even a Mooring buoy (white with blue stripe) is illegal unless it is actually being used for mooring. People are using boat bumpers, plastic Jugs, 55 gallon steel and plastic drums, propane tanks held in place with bricks, blocks, steel weights, chains, rope and pool noodles. All of which are dangerous, illegal, unsightly and potentially toxic.

Law enforcement is aware of the issue and are currently planning to issue fines and have buoys removed at owners’ expense. If your reading this, and live on any lake in Michigan, especially Lake Orion, please remove these illegal buoys before further action is required.

Please keep our Michigan lakes and waterways uncluttered and safe. And lets enjoy our natural resources in there natural state.

Brad Hoover

Lake Orion


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