Just Get The Measles Shot!

This will not endear me to a certain segment of society but as a senior citizen, and being politically incorrect, I have an obligation to articulate what I suspect is on the minds of lots of people.
Anyone who has not had a measles shot for themselves or their offspring are inconsiderate, ill-informed, impertinent, ill-mannered and impolite.
Measles was eliminated many years ago and now because of some who function as pseudo physicians, the bulk of society is now adversely impacted by these uninformed louts. Your backwardness in not getting the measles vaccine is unforgivable so please don’t interact and circulate with the rest of us who are trying to stay healthy!
Right now there is world wide epidemic thanks to close-minded people who have refused to get the shot! Espousing a “no measles vaccine shot philosophy” puts these people on the wrong side of reality.
Bill Kalmar
Orion Twp.