Judah Road residents, gravel mining, excavation operation is in the final stages of permitted use

Regarding the respective Orion Township residents living alongside of Judah Road located in the southwest quadrant of the township, Gingellville.

Your nearly sixty (60) years of living with Ordinance No. 99, which allows permitted sand and gravel mining, earth excavation, and/or filling and earth balancing operation, located on the southside of Judah Road, is in the final stage of its annual permitted use.

The owner of the property, Dan’s Excavating Inc., is currently in the final stage of closing out the permitted Ord. No. 99, as required by the ordinance, e.g., adding topsoil, grass seed, etc.

The Township Building Department Code/Ordinance enforcement officials and Township engineering consultant firm, OHM, will be monitoring the final stage closure progress.

This is the last remaining site of the original four (4) Ordinance No. 99 permitted operations located within the Township. The three (3) former operational sites were all located alongside of Brown Road.

MENARDS occupies one of the former mining operational sites. The new Pulte Breckinridge Orion Condominiums are currently being constructed on the other two former permitted sites.

For many years the residents have been told this Judah Road operational site was nearing completion. Along with also having to endure nearly a hundred daily heavy gravel train truck traffic on their quaint country gravel road.

Believe it or not, closure is near.

Mike Flood, Jr.

Trustee, Orion Township

Board Rep., ZBA


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