Joe Kent of Oxford Township announces run for Oakland County Treasurer

Joe Kent of Oxford Township announces run for Oakland County Treasurer

Long-time Oakland County tax accountant and business owner, Joe Kent announced Tuesday that he is running as a republican for the position of Oakland County Treasurer.

Current Treasurer Andy Meisner his departure from the position this year in order to run for Oakland County Executive.

“I love Oakland County and will do everything that I can to protect it,” Kent said in a press release.  “Oakland County is the jewel of Michigan. The management of our county’s government and resources has always set the standard for the nation.  I’m so proud of that. However, the priorities of the new county leadership are troubling.  A longstanding policy of financial transparency was scrapped, and spending is on the rise.  It’s only a matter of time before property taxes go up.  The increases will probably be quite large.”

In 2016, Kent lost in the primary election for the Michigan House of Representatives by just 15 votes.

Kent has earned his MBA from the University of Michigan and also has obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Michigan State University College of Business.  He currently serves on the board of directors of Crossroads for Youth, which provides foster care, counseling and schooling for at-risk children.  He is also licensed as a tax professional by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

“The move to hide financial information is especially concerning,” Kent also said in the press release.  “This and other recent news stories about questionable tax collection policies are starting to erode the public’s trust.  It’s painful to watch.  I’ve made a good living standing up to the IRS for my clients.  Friends asked me in recent weeks to stand up for the people of Oakland County. I’m answering that call.” — M.K.

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