Jenn Zielinski will get this resident’s vote

My name is Greg Cole. Teaching math at Lake Orion High School for thirty years has allowed me the good fortune to work with a large number of Orion families. We all know the value of trust. This is why I support Jenn Zielinski for township clerk.
Years ago, Jenn was a geometry student of mine. It was just before I was to be observed by the principal that I pulled Jenn aside for a quick conversation. I told Jenn that I was being evaluated and partway through the lesson on indirect proofs, there would be an opportunity for student discussion. I asked Jenn if she would invite the principal to participate in her small group. This was because I valued Jenn’s logic and communication skills.
The next day, my principal was enthusiastically asking me about this delightful young lady. Jenn had made it a point to include the principal’s thought and contributions in the discussion. She then went on to debate various problem solving strategies.
I’ve enjoyed sharing this story many times over the years, and for a variety of reasons. My bottom line, back then was that I knew that I could trust Jenn. She was sixteen years old at the time. Jenn and I have both benefited from that day.
I encourage you to trust Jenn and vote for her in the August 2 primary, for township clerk. Jenn is committed to the community, demonstrates excellent judgement and possesses a well-developed set of people skills. I believe that she will do an excellent job for all of us.
Greg Cole
Lake Orion resident