Janice Zale has my vote!

As the election draws near, I am compelled to write and express my staunch support for Janice Zale for the Lake Orion School Board.

I have been privileged to volunteer at her side on the board of the Blanche Sims PTO over the past few years. In that time, I have had a front row seat to Janice’s immense passion for all kids in Lake Orion and our community as a whole.

In addition to being active in our school community, she has worked tirelessly for years with the Lake Orion Blessings in a Backpack program. In her role with this organization, she assists in providing food for food insecure children in Lake Orion during the weekends when school meals are unavailable. Janice assists with all aspects of this program–packaging the meals, helping deliver food, securing donations, and doing all she can to make sure the program has resources it needs to continue operating for Lake Orion families.

Janice leads with her heart in all that she does while maintaining the utmost level of integrity, calm-under-pressure, and professionalism. She is first to raise her hand to help no matter how difficult the situation. For instance, I have borne witness to her keen ability to creatively problem solve. Janice demonstrates this talent on many occasions including generating new fundraising ideas that are both fun for our children and crucial to financing the educational and enriching activities the PTO provides.

I would be remiss not to mention that Janice achieves all of this while being a wonderful mom to three Lake Orion Dragons and an extremely involved advocate for Pediatric Cancer.

Just recently, she organized a “Go Gold” day across all of Lake Orion to bring increased awareness and recognize September as Pediatric Cancer month. She has worked hard to shine a spotlight and in doing so, bringing increased support and prayers for these tiny warriors in Lake Orion.

As long-term Lake Orion residents and parents of three of our own dragons, my husband and I will be selecting Janice on our ballots!

By electing Janice, Lake Orion will be ensuring that we have one of the best working on behalf of our schools and children. Join us and vote Zale as you cast your ballot!


Katie Auffenorde

Lake Orion


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