It’s a ‘terrific idea’ to refurbish the old high school/Ehman Center

Re: “Village planning commission to hold public hearing on the redevelopment of the former Lake Orion High School/Ehman Center building”, Lake Orion Review, Sept. 29, 2021, page 3.

I think this is a terrific idea for use of an old building that badly needs to be refurbished.

True, the number of units (89) does seem a bit much. Therefore, I would hope the developer might consider a mix of two and three bedroom units.

With more and more people working from home, this would afford small families the opportunity to rent and work from home.

While not a necessary reduction in actual people living within the structure, it could potentially reduce the number of actual cars per unit. I realize there are exceptions to this, ie., high school aged kids who drive.

Just my two cents on the matter.

Denise Bruin

Lake Orion


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