Is this another test?

In recent months there has been more drama happening in the world. And, we are the ones God sent to be and have life during this time. That makes it our job to clean up this world! Now that can feel like a big task, especially with so much happening at once. When trying to understand and work our way through things we may feel like there is nothing we can do. And, that is so not true!
Life is consciousness so it’s another test for us to put our spiritual thinking to good use. At the same time, it would be nice to hear “Bzzzzt, this is only a test,” like the Emergency Broadcasting System does on our television. If we knew some of our greatest upsets were tests to learn a lesson, we might find ourselves less troubled by them.
Better yet would be to find that these stressors, our tests, are only an illusion. Not really happening, just our perception of false ideas that don’t really exist. Then we would know people’s homes are not bombed, there isn’t extreme weather patterns. There is no pandemic and people act responsibly with guns. How would that feel?
As you think about what is happening in the world do you wonder what the real story is? I do, but the very popular author Brene’ Brown tells us when we have thoughts swirling around in our minds we can, and do, make up our own stories. Thinking of her words it becomes helpful to self-check our thoughts. Are they true? Or, have we spent time thinking and creating a story? Doing that has a negative impact on our body, mind and spirit.
When bad things happen whether we are experiencing them or watching others go through them it’s difficult. Even when using problem-solving skills sometimes finding the best understanding leaves us questioning life itself. At those times I do my work to connect with God through prayer and meditation for direction. And, no, I don’t give God the story. Why? Because there are always so many fine details that have to be pulled together to create the greatest outcome it needs a higher power.
Any and all situations we see or hear must be taken into the space of meditation and prayer. We must visualize only the highest good happening. We don’t tell God what we think needs to be done. If we do that we most likely will add our own story to it. Besides, there is no need to tell God, He knows what’s on our hearts before we ask. Instead we lift the situation up for the highest and best good and know that good will happen.
Example: As I watch the Ukrainian TV channel I marvel at the positive talk they are speaking. Bombs and shelling heard going off over their heads yet their faith is in action.
This is our test. In high stress do we reach out in faith? Are we even paying attention and supporting them with the prayers they ask for? Are we visualizing their highest good and success or pretending it’s all an illusion, not happening?
Nope – it’s a test and when enough people awaken to being in a positive prayer vibration it will make a positive impact. (I visualize Ukraine being a wonderful tourist spot in the near future.)
Another example: The gun violence, domestic terrorism/mass shootings here in our country. Recently many have said we keep asking for prayers and nothing changes. Not exactly true. Unity churches were founded on prayer and healing so we have a strong belief in the power of prayer. At one time homeopathy and prayer work was basically all people had to support their healing as medical science wasn’t created yet.
Prayer does work! I will step out further to say it’s more than likely that any changes or awareness happening now is because of people previously praying. So absolutely support any mission when you are tested with prayer. (I visualize God putting the right ideas to solve gun violence into the human consciousness and positive change will occur soon and freeing us from these events.)
Always remember when we hold someone or a situation in prayer, we have no idea what they need. We simply bring out any thoughts needing prayer into our awareness and place them before God. Thinking positive thoughts only and letting the amazing energies of God put our good thoughts into the best possible outcome for everyone.
If you’re one who likes to problem-solve, release those thoughts. It’s not within us to know everything the final outcome will have to be. Therefore, trying to tell God what the problem needs is not necessary. If you’re the type who likes to take control, or a fix-it kind of person, let that go. Instead, pass the test of releasing the how and whys of life and truly let God handle it.
Ace another test by letting the story go – don’t create. Visualize any and all bad things dissolving. Awareness is the first key to healing so listen, hear it, know it and send it into prayer for healing. In God’s time you will find simply holding problems in prayer, visualizing their outcome as good and seeing yourself happy and at peace with the results will actually happen!
This is spiritual living, practice it and pass your tests. God is always working in our favor.
Many blessings,
Linda La Croix
Unity of Lake Orion
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