Human Rights Ordinance passes in the Village Of Lake Orion

It is with the deepest level of gratitude and appreciation that we offer our sincerest thank you to the Lake Orion Village Council for voting in favor of the Human Rights Ordinance.
Your votes send the very clear and powerful message that discrimination has no home in our community and will not be tolerated.
Your willingness to recognize that the same level of protection must be provided for the LGBT Community in the areas of housing, employment and public service just as it is for everyone else, provides a measure of comfort that has heretofore not been felt.
Understanding that those who identify as LGBT are a marginalized and vulnerable population that must be protected is critical.
With the Village Of Lake Orion now the 41st community to adopt an ordinance like this, we join together in the effort to drive down the discrimination statistics throughout Michigan.
This letter is submitted on behalf of every individual that spoke, wrote a letter or attended a meeting in support of the ordinance.
Thank You Lake Orion Village Council.
Lisa Goyette
Lake Orion Resident

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