Hopes Steele doesn’t pursue a political career

Dear editor,

I would hope our treasurer does not pursue a political career. (Orion Twp. Treasurer Donnie Steele announced that she is running for state representative in the 46th District.)

I can introduce a neighborhood full of people who believe this official cannot tell the difference between civic duty and personal interest.

I don’t believe this candidate intends to serve the public, but rather to spot private real estate opportunities.

Disruption of our neighborhood and habitat will destroy our fox family and baby kits.


James Eric Whitesel

Orion Twp.

Editor’s note: Orion Twp. Treasurer Donni Steele owns property in the Keatington subdivision. The property is a vacant field.

Mr. Whitesel lives in the subdivision and was one of the residents who spoke against Steele developing the property.

Steele bought the property from Orion Township when she was a trustee on the board of trustees. She went through the township’s bidding process and recused herself from voting on selling the property.

Residents spoke out at board meetings, saying that an elected official should not be allowed to purchase property being sold by the township.

The township attorney and fellow board members said Steele and the township did not violate any laws when she purchased the property from the township and the township did not violate any laws in selling the property to Steele.

Other invididuals also submitted bids for the property, but those bids were ultimately withdrawn.


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