Hoganson praises Orion/Oxford basketball teams, coaches

What a thrill Friday night. District Championships. Not since the days of Dane Fife have all four sides and upper bleachers (in the Lake Orion Fieldhouse) been filled. Huge student sections. Roger, Anthony, Sammy and Walt at the table. -Seeing the new breed of coaches – and being recognized by them: heart-warming. Then to top it off, an exciting basketball game with my former associate, Jim Manzo, who has put the juice back in LO.
The fans were well-behaved, and the student sections had fun. Having coached at Lake Orion for over 20 years, it’s nice to have. (Athletic Director) Chris Bell honored me with specific seats/entrances. My health and balance have been fading lately.
I recognized the former Oxford player, Steve Laidlaw, as Oxford’s head coach, working/coaching with his whole heart and soul.
The final score is not an indication of how close the game was. God bless all the “busy” people to pay homage to their particular team and supper their teams. It was a chilling moment for me, as I probably do not have many more games under my own power. Oh, this game was a very special occasion for me. These young men indicate that constant effort ends up with positive results. God bless the Oxfordites and Orionites for making this a special night for those in attendance – and for me. It was a magic moment reminiscent of the past.

Donn Hogansonformer Lake Orion coach & announcer